Donnerstag, 24. Oktober 2013

A blonde calls her boyfriend: ' Please come immediately to me. I have a fucking heavy puzzle here. I don't even find an approach.'

Her boyfriend asks: 'What's the subject?'

Blonde: 'after the picture on the box it is a cock.'

Well. Her boyfriend decides to take care of the matter.

He enters and she shows him excited the puzzle, which is distributed over the entire table.

He looks at the parts, look at the box, turns to her and says: 'Well, I am firmly convinced that we will never get such a thing as a cock with this puzzle.'

He takes her by the hand and says: ' Please relax now. I make us a fine pot of tea, and then..' he ejects a deep sigh,. .. . .. .. . .

Let us put the whole corn flakes back in the package again!'

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